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A list of blogs I love & highly recommend

Dear Reader,

These days, it feels as if nearly every blog is written for the specific purpose of selling services and/or products. I must admit, my own work blog is aimed at educating the public about the need to legally protect your family from the pitfalls of probate and to properly set up your businesses for success, with the ultimate goal of gaining more clients.

Even “lifestyle” blogs are often written as mini sales pitches to sell affiliate products.

But a decade ago, people used to write for the sheer pleasure of writing, of putting their thoughts and feelings and hopes out into the world. To share their passions and hobbies. I think, to feel a little less alone.

I miss those days and the abundance of those types of blogs.

A few that have (largely) maintained that original purpose, and which I still enjoy reading, include the following (in no particular order):

I’m constantly looking for more great personal blogs to read. If you have suggestions, please, please let me know. And I’ll make sure to update this list as I find more. For now, happy reading.

With love, Pantea

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