Zahra is Burning


Transformations are difficult. And usually painful.

I, along with most people, had particular expectations for what I thought 2020 would bring me, both professionally and personally. As the clock counted down to midnight last December 31st, I had visions of expanding my business 10x, of spending weeks traveling with my husband, of countless dinner parties with friends and family.

And while 2020 had started off promising, by March, all of those expectations and hopes had come crashing down.

The fear and anxiety over this pandemic was overwhelming… is still overwhelming at times.

And then those words were uttered that showed us how much more work we still have to do in this country to deal with our inherent racism, “I can’t breathe…”

And throughout all of the hardships of this year, we have lacked strong leadership from our national government on nearly every front.

This year has challenged so many of us to stretch and bend in ways we did not think were possible. To shift our thinking from “hustle” to the need instead to “align.” Sometimes, to take a step back to reevaluate what we are doing and why we are doing it. And whether it is worth continuing to do in the first place.

Today, at 35 years of age, I am over 31 weeks pregnant with my first child, running my own small business, and living through a world pandemic.

I am downshifting my full-time estate planning and small business law practice with a full team to a part-time practice out of my home with only virtual assistance.

I am working hard to put our new home together, in anticipation of our son’s arrival in 8 more weeks.

And I am sitting here trying to envision what this new life is going to look like. What he is going to look and be like. What I am going to look and be like.

And it is terrifying.

But throughout all of of this, I am thankful for the hardships and the transformations that 2020 has brought. Because, even though these changes aren’t necessarily what I would have wanted for myself, they are the transformations I have needed to become this new version of myself.

A more complete person. A slower moving person. A person who lives with more intention.

Who has 2020 challenged you to become?

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