Zahra is Burning

Winding Down Before Looking Forward

Now that the holiday season is upon us, I find myself rushing through the days, desperately trying to tackle my never ending to-do-list while creating seasonal magic for my family, trying to schedule self-care and maintain some semblance of sanity. Often, I fail, at the self-care part, at least.

I spend so much time worrying about and catering to the needs of others that mine often fall to the wayside. And over time, I build up more and more resentment towards those I love simply because I forget to love myself first.

I’m not quite sure when this pattern first developed, but I’ve been suffering from it for years. For too long.

I want to break this pattern once and for all.

So this holiday season, I’m going to try something new. Every time I want to jump into a new project or tackle a new challenge, I’m going to step back and say no (or, at least put it on the back burner to spring). Every time I see myself start to cater to the needs of someone else before my own, I’m going to stop and make sure I take care of myself first.

Because I can’t serve others, particularly those I love, from an empty cup. And I’ve allowed my cup to be too empty for too long.

Have you suffered from this, too? If so, what have you done to break this pattern?